About Us




My eleven years experience in the military gave me a sense of drive, discipline and ambition which I desire to instil in others.

My time spent as a lecturer in further education has helped me to understand and support individuals from our diverse communities and varied backgrounds.

As a senior manager I gained knowledge of the importance of gaining the confidence of your team and giving them the tools, confidence and strategic vision to achieve business outcomes and the challenges they bring.

These skills have combined to give me an incredible passion for education and N.L.P and I am in a position to share this with you for the benefit of you, your business and our community.


Our Vision

To be the first choice for training provider in the uk with unrivalled customer satisfaction and support.

Our Mission

To train and develop people to new levels of achievement, whilst raising the profile of Neuro-linguistic programming techniques and increasing choice awareness for people to master their aspirations.

Our Values

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Innovation